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Idk why but idea of dating itself makes me feel scared, more in anxious way. How to overcome this feeling? And trust issues my god, I don’t even trust a frnd (due to past experiences). In such situation how will i open up to someone or be ready to hand them my heart at some point? Please help, i don’t know what to do and how to?

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Naina Talwar @no_one8

Find yourself and your soul first, then only you’ll know who’s the one for you. If you learn how to love yourself, you’ll know if your partner loves you genuinely or not. I know it’s scary to even think that we open up to someone, love them with all our heart, give so much of efforts, but they leave us weeping, heartbroken, but trust me, just focus on yourself, don’t search for love if you’re really that scared of it, let love find you, still be aware, don’t be too delusional.


Well said. I’ll try to implement this. Thank you ☺️

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To sum it up when i needed my people the most, there was not a single soul, none. No explanation, no excuses, no genuine reason can fill that void. Expecting from them was wrong on my part but now trusting them again will be crime.


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