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That @notaqueen

IDK what to do… my mom knows about my boyfriend… and recently i told told her about my boyfriend going abroad for study… and she said me to be more careful and conscious that he’ll not return after studies and all that crime patrol drama… then later i said all this things what my mom told me to my boyfriend and he was so pissed that why my parents have this low mentally and he started saying bad about my parents and their parenting style and even Said that he’ll not marry me if my parents will continue doing this and badly insulted my parents… i admit that my parents had some issues and they are dealing with problems but they weren’t bad as he said to me… he usually say this things when he got angry and then when he’s calm… he said sorry abd say that they are my parents too and all… idk which one to believe… I’m feeling very low and can’t even say him anything… i wish i had different parent which raised me better…

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Focus on the words he said when he’s angry. People say it out what they really think. During calm time, they just don’t say stuff that’s bothering them.

That @notaqueen

When he’s angry… he verbally abuse me and my family and my upbringing… because I’d both working parents… he thinks that for my parents money is more important than their own child…

Divyanshi Jain @divyaz456

What I think is that… its not your parents fault that they are thinking like that because they care for you. In this matter your boyfriend should’ve tried to understand your parents concern and then u both could have find a way to make your parents believe that your boyfriend I good. I don’t think so he should’ve given u a threat that I will not marry you. He should’ve respected your parents point of view and try to prove them wrong but he did the exact opposite so u should try to explain if he doesn’t understand then u should leave him.

That @notaqueen

I do SOMETIMES agree that my parents have little narrow mind views which i hate sometimes… but i can’t disown my parents na… he should understand that no matter what they think… no matter how they raised me… they will be always my parents…

Divyanshi Jain @divyaz456

Thats exactly my point. He should’ve tried to understand ur parents point of view and try to prove then wrong by a visit if something so…

That @notaqueen

Yes… but at the same time… we are just 19… so obviously parents will not take us seriously…

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