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idk. Its confusing.

Post anonymously?

Hi…I’m here if you want to talk ❤️✨


Thanks love.


You can share if you are comfortable.
I’m here for you ✨

Loads of love and hugs❤️
Take care.

Let’s make it complicated 😂


Guess I alone can handle it ugh!

Hey there! Yes, there can be a lot of grey zone in life, sometimes it is not clear what is black, what is white so yes, take your time with it.
But I am here for you to talk!


I appreciate it a lot but i dont know why I dont want to share my feelings as desperately as i want to share it. Isnt it confusing dont you think.

It sure is confusing. Okay so I might be totally wrong but at times don’t you think we wwant to share but do not find that warm place to do so? you know where we are not judged or people do not you know look at us with certain eyes. If at all you feel that way, I want to tell you that people have looked at me with such eyes but Just know that we are here for you. No judgement, Just love and acceptance!🌈💛💜