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I’d like to talk with someone, but I have no one.
No one in my family wanna share the feelings.
I don’t have any sibling.
My friends are also busy
and they have so many friends beside me but I have only few of them.
It’s so bad that I’m afraid to start conversation since i was young because I have experienced that they don’t care me whether I start the conversation. I am always afraid to talk first.
Now I feel like I have no one, and feel like I’m going crazy.
I can’t do anything. I can’t focus on anything now.
I’m still afraid what if I’m being ignored when i talk to someone and afraid that they get annoy me.

Post anonymously?

These are very genuine thoughts and I’ll be happy to talk to you. You can talk your heart out.✨


Thank you💗glad to share my feelings out here!! Now I think I get better after I write here and get the reply back!! Now I found out a palce to open up my thoughts<3


It is very natural to feel this way
For a person who doesnot have siblings
Can totally relate to your feelings.
This void gets really challenging n pricks alot…
But dear friend
In life we have no choice
But to ACCEPT …
If we keep dissecting
Why Am I Alone??
Why is it that no one understands me???
Why do I have no friends etc etc
We only hurt ourselves more…

Such painful ,hurtful thoughts break the heart.
We get no good from it…

You pls try to first of all befriend urself…
Make urself priority of ur life…
Pamper urself
Work on self…
You try to fulfill ur dreams
Stay busy n engrossed
Try making ur career
Try making ur life
Because that is what matters at the end of day…

U pls try followimg some hobby
Develop creative pursuits
Try to explore new things
Try meeting new ppl
Try making new friends

N keep it this way
Without thinking much about consequences
You just initiate interaction with ppl
If you feel they arenot much interested or give a cold response
DONOT try to talk more
Interact more only with those whom you feel are interested in talking to you…

Just keep full faith in urself…
Hold urself very tight.
All will set right
Dnt let ur hope fade.
God bless you…
Best of luck…
May u come across more like-minded ppl and feel happy.
Take care.


I’m happy to have your reply!!
I used to be strong by myself in my life. I’m gonna try back best to stay strong again. Now I get better and feel great after I open up my feelings and get back warm reply here!! it makes me better💗


Hey I have same situation going on rn…and yeah it’s very depressing sometimes and so frustrating but always remember you only have you in the end.you have to take care of yourself and love yourself a little more:)


It’s use to be stay alone in my life. I always think that I love myself but sometimes I’d like someone to be near me… I have to try to enjoy to be free and happy in the future💗💗 yes we should care and adore ourselves first💗