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Iam very depressed and i cant contol anymore i dont want to live this life all r suffering because of me y i need this life

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To be really honest I was in the same situation back in 2018 and 2019. Even i felt suicidal but believe me these are just times when a lot of negative energies surround us…so its just them…its nothing which cant be dealt with…to shooo the negative energies away keep the positive energies closest to yourself


I read this somewhere that the people who are more often sad or depressed practice or think more about the things that they dislike. Whereas the ppl who are more cheerful or atleast normal…they spend more time doing the stuff that they enjoy. Its all reallly simple if only you can believe that it works :))


I know that such times despite knowing alot of stuff is really hard to bear…but I can assure you with one thing that now today when im out of the same stuff…I feel happier…more free and more calm…I have improved emotionally. I have got more strong and leading a good life. Its all about time. Bad times actually dont stay for a long time…with every passing second you are getting closer to the time when you’ll start feeling normal…just bear for some time…just need to hold tight during such times…once you’re out of it…everything gets f9…and btw every other person is like this in todays world. We all are in it together:)))


Dear one,
Yes it might be tough
But this is just a phase.
This too shall pass…
I dnt know what makes you say that all are suffering because of you…
I feel u are overthinking
Pls stop blaming urself…
Pls stop being so harsh with self
Dear one
Life is very precious…
Yes it maybe cruel or ruthless but pls give time some time
Pls keep total faith in urself…
If you are drained or exhausted
Just rest

More power,strength,light to you
Good luck
God bless.
Take care.

Hey, most of the time in bad situations we only get negative thoughts… which is just a result of overthinking… whenever you think that why you need this life just know that you deserve to be here with your family and loved one’s…maybe you are thinking these things right now but once this time flies…you know that you are an important part of their lives don’t question on your life…i would suggest just stay with your family and loved one’s… you are the only person who can help you…have faith in yourself buddy❤️