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Iam rashmi so basically I have completed my engineering not yet landed with a job from past 6 to 7 months and feeling so tensed and even not having intrest to develop my skills , I’m losing hopes on myself that whether I can lead the future and look after my parents . I keep fighting at home for even small things and talking rudely that is wht all tell to me that my words hurt them , and i feel some one should keep me happy not myself I have lost confidence on me and my career and have no hopes right now where my life is and keep crying getting irritated angry fro everything

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Did you apply for common positions?

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Hi Rashmi.
One thing you need to understand is that life is hard for everyone and it won’t be easy unless we make it easy for ourselves.
It’s been a long time since you graduated and you’ve a great experience is what I see.
You need to take care of your parents. I’d just advise you to work on your skills because if you don’t, you’ll be obsolete.

You need to thrive in this world…

Just go easy on yourself and you should be there.

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Mitr ye mere sath bhi ho raha hai lekin mai har nahi man raha apne skills ko improve kr raha hu aur present skills ko aur acha kya pata kabhi na kabhi to mil jayegi naukri 😊


Talk to people relax yourself first. Don’t take unnecessary advices. Once you are calm you will find a way. Mental health is important above all & then it will take care of everything.

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Dante @varun24

See I think you are dealing with stress…calm down it happens…it is not necessary that everyone has a good start…sometime it takes time…you should think like this is phase is also kind a test…if you can’t handle yourself right now then how will you deal with the stress coming from job , life etc etc…have patience may be something better might be waiting for you


Relax take deep breath try to get out of surrounding make ur mind calm stop to listen some one who talking worried things about u r about others to try focusing on thing that joy u for while time.and once u free from juggling though process. Then try to clear ur question in steps. U have one life n u know bater how come out from .


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