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Iam in a realtionship from last 2 months.
Everything was going well
But we had big fight like 2 times
And both the time she gave up on me
I admit that i was very toxic and irriatting that time.
Because of my past i fear lossing people
And i have very geniune feeling for her because before getting into realtionship we were best friend for almost 1 year
Now after having a big conversation
She said see im not going anywhere nor im leaving you its just i want to be alone
2 thing she said was we are losing your friendship because of this
And she said i cant give you hopes but we can be best friend like we were before if things workout well. Will think about us.
Now my part is i am confused it really hurts me
What should i do. Stay ? Or i should go
Sometime i also think that i should wait give her time and support
Some help me πŸ˜”


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Leave her alone and give yourself some time
Give first priority to yourself
starting loving yourself
External helps will not matter you the most.
And not all girls stay in our life for lifetime
It’s just matter of time and finish

Anonymous β€’

Thankyou brother helped me alot❀❀❀


Just give yourself first priority in life.
Self love.
Self happiness is very important
Take care buddy

Anonymous β€’

giving you my pov you can’t stay frnds with your ex i was in the very same scenario but i ended up ciz i could take her anymore we decided to be frnds but i couldn’t stop thinking of how damaged i was so just trying to go ahead is necessary