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I wish I had better friends. I constantly get disappointed with my friends. I put efforts in something and I am met with zero interest. I am an introvert so I have always had trouble in expressing my feelings. Thought I could be real infront of my friends but I am always met with disappointment. I don’t know how can I live like this without being able to trust anyone completely. I used to call one person my best friend but I don’t feel the same now as she has led me down multiple times. I don’t have much friends so I latch onto only 2 friends but they disappoint me everytime. I wish I could run away far and start a new life, with new friends who actually cares about me. I wanna cutoff from them but that means I will have no friends in my life. I don’t know what to do. It’s suffocating. And everytime I am the BAD person.

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Ek sacha aur acha dost milna bohot rare hai aap unique nahi hai sabke saath hota hai aysa hi


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