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I went for my first physical therapy appointment today and the doctor put a bunch of tape on my back to help with posture
Which wouldn’t have been a problem except for he pulled up my shirt and my binder practically up to my shoulders and kept it there for like five minutes
I have trauma due to being sexually manipulated by a man on Omegle and one of my triggers is having to take my clothes off in any way for other people especially men.
I was already trying to hold in a full blown panic attack. And then, as he moved to get another strip of tape, his fucking hand brushed my ass.
Of course, it was probably an accident and he probably didn’t even notice, but jesus fucking christ if I was having trouble staying calm before…
I was trying my best not to hyperventilate into the pillow I was laying facedown on.
It was bad enough that there were several times during the session where he had to practically lay on top of me and put his face uncomfortably close to mine.
I know it’s my fault but I’m just…not okay after that.

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Shivay @shivay2595

Sorry that you have to go through all this.
You could find yourself some female doctor for your physical therapy because it’s going to be way too much difficult for you like this

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