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I was raped by my boyfriend when I was 16 years old.
After two years, his reminder still bothers me.
I could not forgive myself
I want to talk to someone


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Hey! We’re all here to help you out in any way we can.
Just be comfortable & no one ll judge you in any ways.


tnxx for not judging me…
and your support
that makes me feel better about myself


I’ve a friend who had a very similar experience and I just that no matter how much we try but we can’t feel relate with how you feel so how you get anxious when you think of it.


You can talk about it… tell us what about it makes you mad and if I were you what you’d tell me do in situation like this?


i thought the pain would go away over time،but every time I think about it، I can’t stop crying it still hurts…
and if you were my situation, I would just huge you and tell you. you are not alon and its ok if u want to cry، I’m here to help u


This unfortunate experience will not go away ever because lived and felt it but trust me it’s you will become a stronger and will face it and deal with it… and in order to do so the first thing you have to make yourself understand is that none of it was your fault it’s the guy who should be guilty about it not you. One last thing you’re a lot stronger then you think you are.

Omg, hey i am sorry and trust me you will be better some day. Just have a hope and trust in destiny and karma.


I hope It’s over


been through the same situation… a couple of times…
you search for answers why was it you why did it happen just know this it isnt you its him. everything that seems wrong is him… you have a great and long life ahead think of that. you owe him nothing and the more you try reasoning this to yourself the more you think about him.
i pray you have peace soon :)

Amen🙏 and god bless you both. Om shanti


Thanks for listening to me ♥


Hey Raha…

What hapnd with you is bad… But stay strong…

You can talk to people here… Ull get some respite off the pain u have


Talk to me hun im here for u

Guilt will give you pain. Be grateful for everything and you will feel better. Nobody’s opinions matter other than yours