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I was married last year but he cheated me abused me mentally tormented me and left me he always lied made me feel shit always ! I forgot I had a life I was abused in vulgar language I loved him and got married he knew and cheated on me with a married women sat next to me and used dating apps to talk to women !! Pushed me to enter a bar but smokes for him ! He never treated me right ??? I don’t like that life I wanna forget that person forever


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Im so sorry dear. I can feel your pain as well. But the right thing to do is to get separated nd complain bout him. Harassment is the thing which people thinks is a normal but it is not. Im so sorry dear you are facing this


I m happy now was with him for just 3 months now I moved out we have complained yet they are happy as law is such it was hard but I never gave up


Thats the spirit you know. Most of the people always pressurize their emotions because they think they will be judged but you did it right. God bless you


Good you moved out. ❤️


So proud you had the guts to walk out and stand up for what you deserve Nd still fight for it.
yep you chose a wrong man, but thats okay cause everything he put you through taught you to be stronger. Taught you the fact that you have a life Nd you can do whatever the hell you want with it and that you don’t have stay committed to someone toxic just cause you were married.
Forget about them. You go girl. You live your life. Praying for you❤️.


This means a lot I just need positive ppl positivity in life !! ❤️❤️❤️


Am feeling very low I want my life to be normal where I can be happy atleast once in a day