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I want to share my life history
Many stories some good some bad
But don’t know where to start from n what to tell
Any suggestions

Post anonymously?

Start from happy things then let it go with the flow 🔥. Dukh baatne se kam hota hai


Bro start with good thing

Ok so let’s c
Born and raised in Chandigarh family moved to Chhattisgarh 12 years ago
Good thing are always counted less in life as everyone struggles but I’ll try to remember as much as I can.
Being a business class family I was never raised with privileges elder son of the house had a rough childhood where dad doesn’t talk to me mom stays quite due to dad silent scared insomniac and always depressed I stayed. My good things started when I was in class 8th one of my elder friends who has seen my situation suggested me to spend time with my father as much as i can so I decided to joni my fathers business
One day I went to him n told him that I wanna come to the office so that I can learn and u can pay me some money as pocket money I use to get rs 1000 a month 😁😁 n when u have a bullet it’s not enough but yet I was ok with it
So I started coming regularly to the office in fact we had restaurants so started going there regularly after school even in my holidays I didn’t go anywhere but to work, I started getting good at it it did help me to get a bit closer to my father but as a business man not as father n son he was proud at me but like a father still I was ok I enjoyed working no parties clubs nthng no hanging out with friends but at night I use to sneak out ride my bike to Shimla n wait the the dawn to see the sunrise I have seen the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in my life spots where u stand or sit witha bon fire a cup of tea cool breeze slightly foggy n the sun coming out from behind the mountains n fog that first ray of sunshine when touch ur face gives the most amazing feeling only a gf was missing in it otherwise it would have be the perfect romantic spot.
This went till my +2 ,Suddenly one day dad decided to close the restaurant and start new business a gym I was against it but as I didn’t wanted to loose the bond with him I agreed so we shifted the business it was all under my supervision and was very hardworking morning 3:30 to night 11 I use to be there cleaning to coaching n management everything by my self befor gym open at 5 I use to clean every machine n weight n before closing do the same n arrange back all free weights n everything I was happy to do all this as I use to be fit and also enjoyed working started heavy weight lifting.
Now my dad wanted me to go to australian syd to study n for my pr
As I did my diploma in Asian cookery we applied for my pr n also student visa so I can adjust to the place I was forced to go .

Cut to Australia Sydney 18th jan 2008 to be continued if u all want to hear the rest plz do tell me ur opinions for what I have written I would like to know ur views


Great man, at such a young age you had the guts and thought of joining your dad’s business and helping him is inspirational. Also it must be tough to handle the gym all alone, and u did it. Let’s hear it more… Continue what happened after it.

Sure bro in few minutes bi have a meeting to attend after that I’ll continue

So I reached australian Sydney NSW black town.
18th I reached there 22nd I got a job it was cash job so I didn’t wait for my work permit tho I applied for it. So my first job in which I was paid salary I was happy for it.
It was a cleaning job I was in the night shift my job was to mop the edges n skirtings for the entire mall $16 an hr night I worked day went to my uni. First month went well I had money which I brought from india second month I got screwed the company that I was working for was an out source so there contract was terminated my salary was not paid n the mall hired us on a different outsource company payroll so I was due with my rent for my travel to college n I was new there I use to stay with 2 of my cousin and 6 other non helped me I was not given food as I was not able to pay the rent n food share many time I had to sneak my way in n out of the house hiding so that I was not questioned or said wrong things was hungry heavy weight lifter became a skinny only bones my new company did the trasfer my salary but due to some issue in bank it didn’t go thru n they didn’t pay cash 2.5 month no money no food sometimes sleep in park or on a bench by the church felt like a road side begger I use to drink only water from kids toilet they have is filtered water thing for babies wash room n I made a friend u can say at the seven eleven store so in ever 2-3 days they use to discard doughnuts so he use to give me that to eat. Finally I got my salary from both the contractors $3600 it was like I’m the richest man alive feeling first thing I did I sent $1000 to India to my family my first earns money then I went to buy food paid my rent n that the my cousin came to my room offering me pizza I was hungry as hell I took a slice n that first bite I bursted in tears never in my life I have ever thought that this can happen between blood relation but the next morning I moved out found a place for my self m decided I will not live like this n won’t let this happen to anyone.
I took a house on rent m started helping every one there were so many people I met in those days who’s relatives have thru them out middle of the night for not having money for rent or some or the other reason I opened my doors for all many guys girls men ladies stayed at my place some for few day some for months never asked for rent or food money from them
But I had suffered loss also many times my things got missing cloths money watch laptop to yet I helped many but with some precautions then I came to inda in sep for my birthday
Cut to India 9th January 2008
To be continued…

9th September** 2008


So inspiring bro, you worked so hard to get through that tough time. Whats amazing is that you decided to help those who faced the same suffering. … Waiting for next part.

Soon let’s say in another half hr

September 2008

Due to the time difference when I flew from Australia to come to India my parents didn’t come to the airport n me standing there thinking what to do next I hardly had indian currency in my wallet ₹200 only n from the airport I had to come to Chandigarh yeh mere to raaste lag gaye 😂😂 called my dad n he said no other choice we r in Chandigarh now manage urself
So I took a auto to the bus station from there a local bus n ya that typically fully loaded where ppl r hanging by the door and on the roof I swear that was my first bus ride n my worst yet funny experience in aus it was winter so was wearing jacket n all in india it was hot as hell n that to when u sit in a bus full of ppl oh god it recall that stinking smell of sweat n gutka oh yuk 🤢🤢🤢🤢 some how I reached Chandigarh turbine chownk n first thing I did was take of all my cloth I mean seriously all my cloths n change to a t-shirt n a shorts it was 4am when I reached now my Australian no was not working n ph was dead so couldn’t call anyone those days no uber haye my love for uber that time I walked 2 km to get a tuktuk (auto) n as I use to work so much in aus I had blister in my feet I could feel the wetness in my shoe pain I thought I m bleeding or something finally sat in the auto reached home by 5 almost as I entered the house it was ya agay wali feeling 😔😔 but I didn’t mind took a shower n left for nada Sahab gurudwara ji bare feet I mean I took my car from the parking lot went bare feet it is a peaceful feeling whenever I go there

Coming home I slept a sound sleep didn’t knew what will happen next

When I woke up mom told there r some paper that dad left for me to sign I picked those up read only one line power of attorney n I signed it I knew what ever I built n worked is gone

I didn’t ask or said anything
I came down from my room n dad saw me without me asking he said u will get settled in Australia I need ur brother to handle things n all I smiled n said did I ask dad u decided so it must me good any other papers u want me to sign I still would not ask n sign n then I left went to c my gym

I was shocked to c the place has turned to a mess no hygiene no control on who is doing what coach is busy flirting and my brother to I came home didn’t came out of my room I was hurt badly seeing my dreams n my hard work my temple getting destroyed that night my gf was coming back to Chandigarh from her home it was ages that I didn’t talk to her due to my dad didn’t wanted me n her together he gave me choice that either me or her n as I said I was desperate for his love I told her n we hardly ever talked but she loved me alot I loved her a lot we may not have talked regular but still knew everything n did many things for eachother when I was having hard time in aus no food n all she didn’t eat for the same no of days she got sick due to that. So I went to pick her up so she my cousin sis my bro n his gf we all came to my house n did a night stay my girl she was all the time taking care of me didn’t let me even pick my glass she was adorable n when I slept on her Lap all night she didn’t move so that I don’t get disturbed early mrng I took a turn n she got a chance to move so she sat down by my bed near to my feet applying ointment in the mrng we both went to gurudwara together all day we spent together
That night again we all went for a night out to Shimla I stood on the spot with her hugging her from behind watching the sunrise together it was wow then my birthday it was just like a normal day till the evening n then the biggest surprise n shock of my life happened.( That’s one of many reasons y I hate my birthday and birthday month ) she called me to a market place I went there with my friend I asked y u called me here we could have met somewhere else restaurant to have dinner together n all she said it’s ur bday so didn’t want to spoil it but couldn’t stop my self anymore I said what is it she told me that u n me can not be together anymore I was what what’s the issue she said ur family told me to stay away from u as they say u r not a good person for me u r using me for money n body I smiled n said baba have u ever spent a single rs on me she said no have I ever touched u in any wrong manner or against ur will the answer was no then how come u r saying all this she said ur dad said this to me on my face that he is not good for u n he wants to use u that all the day he gets bored he’ll leave u I said u know I can’t listen anything against my dad stop lying to me
She said call ur mom n brother the both were there to n said the same thing I called mom asked she couldn’t deny she said yes we did n I fell down unconscious my friend who was with me he was shocked that a family against there own son.
Never celebrated my birthday in 33 year not even a single bday i can recall that I have not cried every year the entire month is full of sadness n bad news
Few days later I came back to aus

Cut to Australia Sydney NSW black town 22sep 2008

To be continued…


It must be very tough bro when u felt all falling apart. Our own people decepting you, really tough time. When we need the most support we get defeated by our owns, as a guy ican understand how bad you must have felt after your father didn’t valued you. Looking forward for next part

Thank you for feeling my pain
I can express enough how much it means to me

I’ll be posting in the evening or tonight again

Thanks again bro


Sure bro 👊👏


September 2008 I reached Australia Sydney NSW black town again

Good news was I started living only for myself bad new was a staff whom I thought was a friend said that I lost my job n I don’t have to come for work .I tried many time to meet my company owner but was not able to. N I took a job at seven eleven it was also a cash job but very less but to survive I needed something after 3 months my company owner was in the mall for some night shift work n came to the 7/11 for coffee he saw me and asked me shockingly that when did j came back from india n y I have not come to work if I was back. I told him every thing what happened when I came back. He said I never told anyone that gaga can come to work ( short for Gagan I was given the name by all Gaga bro ) that day I released that it’s true that an Indian can’t c another indian to grow. As in my job I started as a cleaning staff n in my second month of job I was given night shift supervisor job and before going to India I was helping hand to mall manager.
So I got my job back but I didnt leave my 711 job also so 2 jobs n as well my classes was difficult to handle. I started paying more attention to work than college took two more jobs so in total I was work 5 jobs
1. Mall
2. 7-11
3. Car wash
4. office Night cleaning (1-2 hrs job)
5. Newspaper
Getting more money when u r 20 only u feel king
I was know to many reputed as a rich young guy know to black white asian Lebanon pak Bangladesh and all sort of ppl
U to give money n spend it like anything .
Everything has a limit die to earning n spending alot I was short in my lectures at college n also my visa was abut to expire and due to inda n aus at that time was not in good terms due to the racism I tried alot even though of contract marriage heheh that is a whole different funny story
But my visa was not extended I called dad n told him he asked me to come back saying business to tera he hai and pr also when it comes u can go back now I know that business is not mine anymore n I was damaged by mh owns so k didn’t had the heart to come but also didn’t wanted to risk staying there n getting deported as if anything like that happened I would have lost my pr. So I agreed n came backe to India June 1st 2009
Cut to India

2nd June I reached back to India as usual this time I hady backup plan ready I called my friends to come n pick me I knew no one from the family will come.
It was a great drive with them all my school time friend since class 6th till date we all r together me vijay varun and Mandeep.
Reached home late evening
And things were different now the environment was something that was very suffocating to me no proper communication cold looks by everyone as if I am not there own. I couldn’t sleep for days hardly ate anything.
Few days passed n I started feeling bored so thought to start workout as I use to earlier bcoz since australia I didn’t work out even a day n has lost my body and thought it will divert my mind. I got up at 4 n left right then went to gym by 4:30, when I use to run my gym it ise to be open and all the cleaning n upkeep us to happen so that it’s open n ready at 5 for all but when I reached there shutter was half way closed I could c the staircase light on I went in there was my old cabin it’s light was also on but gym light off n door locked I looked inside my cabine my gym coach was there with one of our clients half naked on the table I called my brother n told him he said what r u doing there at this time I knew that my brother is not bothered abut it so he must be knowing I waited outside in my car till she left which was after 30-40 mins I went to gym again didn’t say anything and just started my work out n soon gym filled with clients I did my light exercise some stretching and light weight n was observing my coach only the attractive girls not the ladies or guys. An middle aged lady know to my family she appeared me and asked me u r Gagan who use to coach earlier she said she heard abut me many time from my old clients n asked me to tell her few exercise as my coach was busy and I did I don’t knw was it my mistake or not ( please do tell if u think I did something wrong ) I coached her few exercise and in months of she working out for the first time felt that she did a good exercise and felt the difference which she told to my dad a few days later N also told many other clients so everyone wanted. Me to coach them all even the girls my coach n my brother u to so I thought I’ll coach mrng 2 hrs n evening 2 hrs. 15 days later my dad called me n told me that I will not step in the gym first time in my life I asked him WHY as whatever he is to say I never questioned but this time things have changed totally so I asked y I don’t want me to go gym my father told me “because u r Tharki” " u want to flirt with files that h u go gym when ur brother n the coach is doing work y u have to get involved in all this " I replied n told everything yet he said he knows who is doing what n I m wrong n blaming to save my self I lost my temper but quietly went to my room. Now I got mad my brother hated me as he thinks that bcoz of me he couldn’t go to australia like I did and I came back as all the money my father invested in me n the business he is not allowing to send him where as on the other hand my cousin who were in Australia cleverly got hold on my bank details took out my coming salary and the tax refunds total of $13200 tht was my saving n being in India I couldn’t do anything n no one believed on me everyone said I’m a lire n I spent or gave it to other ayashi kri hogi. So money gone australia gone study incomplete no job no respect no business nthng mom felt bad for me wanted to trust me but never uttered a single word for me. I cried all day all night for days then I became more stubborn n decided to be a lier atleast the balm will feel true I lied abut smallest thing even n had more differences with my family.
One day I came home from somewhere n saw that my gf n her mother sorry my ex gf n her mother was there at home they came to meet my mom I greeted her mom n was going back home I don’t remember exactly what she said softly but was something rude abut me so I gave her the look n I said if u want to say say it on my face she in a rough tone said get lot I said this is my house u get lost to which she replied no it was but now it’s mine u r a nobody to this house n called my mom
She said mummy tell him it’s my house n u r my mother he is not ur son I was speechless when she said yes with my head down I just went in my room n locked myself in the shower. Underneath the shower all wet cloth mobile everything crying laying on the floor like a kid knees to the chest few mins later I received a msg from her asking me to come to meet her in the park where we use to meet.

Cut to the park to be continued…