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I want to be loved again. I was in a toxic relationship for 2 years, we loved each other but were incompatible. Long story short, our breakup was terrible. Verbal abuses, public shaming and mental trauma etc.

But now I’m prepared to become like a normal person again and meet other people. It’s been 6 months and I’m done with my past. I’m looking forward to dating sites, not sure if it’s worth it or not.


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Same story happened with me… 2 years of relationship but she could never understand my feelings or my choices…when time comes it’s always her choice…her mood swings…first I thought the relation will take some time to get on the track…but situation become worse when I found out that she is cheating with me…it was huge instability issue for me…as I gave her my 10000% but I’m return get handful of efforts from my partner…
Not it’s been 3 months…and I think I can meet new people as I almost lost my old friends bcoz of her…hope so I’ll find someone who can understand me…not compare me or judge me…
Thank you

Sure bro, recover and take your time. Life’s fun when you zoom out a bit.

Yes mann…even I just want to be loved by someone…that’s all I need to get heal…hope I’ll get one…and thanks for replying… someone actually replied me after really long time…so felt good…thank you

Koi baat nhi 🙏