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I wanna die I just wanna die. I cannot. I am a 17 year old and yet I feel I have destroyed my life. let my parents down. I cannot study properly nor can I stop thinking about it. Why do I feel so. I may have opportunities in future but if I die then maybe everything will end for good. Please say something on it. Anything.


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Calm down buddy, if u feel u let ur parents down ask for forgiveness I’m sure thy will support u


Everyone makes mistakes… just getup it’s human nature… don’t feel bad… you will make it better next time…

Hey relax! For whatever reasons you have put your parents down, it’s done. Please don’t stress yourself about it. And it’s fine if you’re not performing well in your studies, just try to keep consistency okay? Nothing is permanent, not even this feeling which you feel rn.

It’ll all be fine! Life is tough and you’re a fighter! If you wanna share anything, I’m here for you.


Listen you are too young. You are just 17 and believe me nothing is destroyed. Teenage is a period of stress and storm. You might feel like nothing is fine and everything is out of control but trust me later on you are going to realise. Why do you think that you have disappointed your parents? if you have made any mistakes then make sure to learn from it and not to repeat it again. we are humans we are not perfect. And how can you think of ending your life? Do you know people with no food shelter are still living their lives? Atlest you have a roof over your head, good food and water to drink. You have got your parents. Think of those people who dont have their parents. God has blessed youwith so many things. Be grateful for everything that you have. Do
not bring such suicidal thoughts. Go read your holy book. Indulge yourself into prayers and meditation. Read books. Surround yourself with good people. Find a hobby. Do thinks that you love. Have a positive attitude towards life