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I understand Ed Sheeran’s new song Bad Habits too much. Way too much. Does anyone else have this problem and want to talk about it please? Also who else is going insane in quarantine that’s ruining their last year of high school (not dissing it, it’s saving lives and I’m grateful, just hurting)


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Its a great song honestly 😂😂
My bad habits leads to late nights spending alone
Conversations with a stranger i barely know
Swearing this will be the last one bt it probably wont
I got nothing left to lose or use or do my bad habits
Totally relatable 😂


good to know I’m not alone. Thank you :)

Listened to it
It’s really amazing 👌


Oh u should hear bo burnham’s welcome to the internet

Oky let me just download it
Cuz my songs get kinda boring at tyms


Just use YouTube 😂

Used vidmate 🤣
🤣it’s funny
Lyk halarious 😂


Its terrifyingly accurate isnt it😂😂😂

Yeah this isn’t how l imagined my last year of high school either
I do have that song but l have never listened to it
Will do that now maybe I might like it


the song itself is epic, but I hate that I relate to the lyrics this much

Why?? l think it’s cool 😊


that song has a deeper meaning that the video clip kinda hide or soften a little bit


That’s what I mean. I relate to the words and it hurts.