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i thought i was doing better but, today i hurt myself, after 2 years of being clean i just broke again. I feel upset, angry, lost, sad. I cant reach out to my parents because they don’t understand how hard im trying. I wish my mom would at least try to understand but she just makes me feel worse lol.


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Heyyy hurting yourself is not a solution my friend I know life is shit but you gotta get though it right? And I understand the parent thing happened with me too instead of hurting myself I got some meds by myself but they made it worse cause I didn’t had any advice. All those feelings are not what you deserve, you deserve to be wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile. People say it is gonna be okay but It never gets okay problems are standing in front of us in a row and we have to fight so instead “It’s gonna be okay” say “It’s okay I can get through this” and it’s not only with you my friend it’s with everybody don’t believe what they say all of them are depressed as fuck so instead of saying “Why meee?” and crying say “Try me bitch” and fight and try to get some help online if you can’t talk to your parents… Hope this helps


Thank you for your advice, i do try to go on everyday with a strong mindset but there are insistence where it just to much to handle and i end up doing things i regret. I know hurting myself is not the solution but i guess it was the only thing i thought of that would hurt more than my mental pain. I will try to be stronger next time and one day i hope i wake up with a smile. :) I hope you are doing better yourself too.


I wish the day is not far take care 😄


Hey I think we’re in the same boat :) I honestly got so much trauma and hurt from my mom, I’ve been in your position too, hurting myself so many times and I know that probably the hardest thing for you to stop. I just want to let you know that you’re not alone, we can go through this together. I don’t know how long we should keep going, but things could get worse if you keep hurting yourself. So please, I know it’s probably hard but I believe in you that you can prevent any more self-harm towards yourself :)


Thank you, i needed someone to tell me that they believe in me even after doing something stupid. I won’t hurt myself again, i just hit my limit of things i could take in a month at that moment. I hope you are doing better. :)


Ok first things first. You need to get better for you.
And don’t care about your parents they have lived their lives like this all their lives they will never change. Just accept them for who they are and don’t give a fuck. Very difficult to do but life gets much simpler if you do it.
If you wanna talk about why you hurt yourself I’m willing to listen


thank you! i have been minding my own business and not caring what they say but sometimes thier words still hurt :') . As to why i hurt myself, i just couldn’t take the mental pain i feel anymore, i feel like im losing myself, i can’t even sleep well lmao. Im just a really big mess right now. :")


I really do get what you’re saying I genuinely do.
Is it possible for you to just get away from it all. Maybe short term like go to your grand parents or your cousins or friends place or a vacation for a few days. For one it’ll help clear your head.
And if your environment isn’t good for you you should think about moving out. If not now plan for the future.
And as for the sleeping part. Have a good orgasm and you’ll pass out like a baby.


It’s so sad that you’re having such a hard time right now. Fortunately, even though the pain you’re suffering today feels unique to you, it actually isn’t-

“What has been is what will be,
And what has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.” -Ecclesiastes 1:9

This means that if others in similar or even worse conditions found the help they needed to take control of their lives so can you. Question is, what are you willing to give up to become the very best version of yourself?