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I think I might be ace. I don’t know much about asexuality but I did do a certain amount of research. Yesterday I was in online chat rooms and people were constantly talking about sex and wanting nudes. I not very curious about this stuff and I don’t even see myself have a sexual relationship in my future. I have watced explicit stuff and do get “turn on” but I don’t see myself in it so I think that term is gray sexual?. A lot of my friends at school have boyfriends or are talking to boys, or even are interested in them. I do see myself maybe getting a girlfriend or partner one day but I’m not trying to figure out my attraction rn. I feel like sex is like a whatever and doesn’t need to happen in the relationship to be strong. I feel like sex and nudes don’t mean anything, but might mean something after you get to know someone (not really). I still don’t understand how you can get turned on my them. I don’t know if i should be talking about this on here. I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure myself out so give suggestions pls and advise.


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It is just okay
I dont think sex is the only thing necessary to make a relationship stronger…
In my terms i just get the vibes of the person thats all
Eventually the things happen by thw time
Lol thats what i think 😬