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Courtlyn @coco15

I thank god for my sunshine days!! And I didn’t say this to brag because I’m feeling good today but because I just want each and everybody to know that’s going through it. That it may seem like it’s tough now and your not going to make it but remember your not always going to have rainy days! Some may say well I been having these same problems for years or for days and I haven’t still had a good day! Well sometimes it takes a lil longer and god allows it! He doesn’t allow it because he doesn’t love you are because your past but he knows if he stops the situation now you want get to the place were he wants you to. God sometimes allows things because he want you to continue coming to him and because he wants to teach you. And he can’t do that if he take you outta a situation and u haven’t learnt from it. He want us to progress in life and want you to depend on him through anything!

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Sparkz0302 @sparkz0302

Well said.


Amen !

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