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I still don’t kow what this feeling is. I am afraid of people judging me…i have this feeling that i have to look nice and cool in front of others or they won’t like me. I recently changed my school and i hate it here… don’t know why but i do. I always feel like crying… i am constantly wanting to get some attention. I even start to cry for someone i don’t even know…i feel like plucking out my eyes so that i would stop crying. I don’t know if I have depression or I’m a highly sensitive person,but I feel so lost and tired. To be honest I don’t even know how to write my feelings here. I used to bully some kids and didn’t care about my friends…but now as I think about it I feel so sad and miserable and think why the hell i did those things. Now after moving to a new school I recently gave myself a new haircut and people I don’t even know were eager to be be my friends…I don’t know but I feel so lonely even after having them around. My brother started going to college and we don’t spend much time together nowadays but I feel so lonely without him…when we were young we used to share our feelings and how our day was but now we won’t even talk…I always wish that we could go back to the way we used to be when we were young. Lately my marks have been going down and I feel so frustrated with myself…I can’t concentrate in my studies…I start thinking about life and all the weird stuff, daydream a lot. But I feel really lonely. I think about my past and all the fun I had and I start to cry…it’s so tiring. Even if I want to speak to someone about my feelings…I can’t cause I kinda don’t know how I feel. I get annoyed easily. I don’t want to do anything except daydreaming…Thinking about stuff that doesn’t even matter anymore. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. I want to talk but nothing comes out of my mouth. Please help me.

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Everything happens for a reason. Be happy that certain events took place in you life, cherish the memories and move on. Live in the present. Try to resonate with people. I dont know if this helps but I’m sure I would’ve love to hear some positive thoughts when I was going through the exact same thing.

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