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I really should have had the right to choose my nationality. I’m not saying I hate mine but our compatibility rate is absolute zero. Even though I have grown up here, still I prefer other cultures, music, shows. I’m not trying to be English or something. I genuinely like what I enjoy. I feel relaxed and joyful while listening to my indie and pop music and binge-watching old American movies and shows but at the same time I feel sad that I cannot share this interest with anyone around me. Please don’t tell me to explore my culture, I already have and I like few things. My interests are hobbies are NOT A PHRASE. I feel depressed and left out. I feel like why is this happening.


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There are people out there with similar tastes as yours. You just haven’t found them yet. It’s easy to find them in cities, hobby clubs, niche events, Twitter, etc.

How old are you? Your tribe shows up later in life.


well I hope they do show up in college…cause rn I’m living in my teens.


The key is to keep oneself involved in whatever passions you are invested in. People will come and go. If we stop doing what we like based on the availability of our audience, then it’s the wrong way to approach life.

Forget colleges in your nation. Internet communities are the gateway. Yes, we crave direct human connection, but it’s hard to find them if your tastes seem eccentric to the local masses. It can be a trap to get attached to people with similar tastes but opposing values. Integrity is a virtue to discern who is right for you.

Try meetup.com or Twitter to find people of similar likes and interests. Remember, if it’s too true to be true, it ain’t. Be careful out there.

Did that make some sense?