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i really love my partner and we see us together in the future married and with kids. but i am afraid i have lost interest in them. i don’t know if i want to put in the effort to stay with them, but i want to stay for a long time. we love each other and neither of us want to leave, but it’s so hard. what advice do you have for us?


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If you’ve lost interest, communicate it to them and talk it over. If things are not interesting you leave, coz there are two lives at stake. You’ll regret not having left and you’ll not be able to keep him happy, whereas he’ll regret having been stuck with you.


Romance and communication is the key…


i have been in same kind of relation. if you have lost interest in your partner talk with him/her. try to find out the thing which made you think the way you are thinking.even if then it doesn’t work. stop right there because being with a person whom you you have no excitment no meet, to see, to talk makes you irritated after sometime. there must be the excitment to talk, to see, to fight with the person you are in relation with evenafter like 50 yrs. so if you feel not interesed in your partner i suggest you to stop right there as the lives of both of you depend to your relationship