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I really feel sick and tired without a reason nowadays, yes I have anxiety and it’s like increasing everyday, I either feel like crying or I feel like idc what ever happens. I’m also failing my classes and I’m not mentally stable. Also I’m an introvert so I rarely have like 2 friends but they too have changed, they don’t talk to me as usual so I’m mostly lonely,even my family members aren’t together so they don’t even try to understand me, I really wanna socialize but I can’t because I’ve already lost one of my best friend in a car accident and the only friend I’ve now isn’t that close to me we don’t even meet often,life is too hard.

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I can feel you! But the point is…you dont need people to make yourself happy!! Even i am facing this kinda situation right now…but as i said😂 i dont give about others…instead of talking to others i prefer sitting in front of the mirror and talking to myself❤ I hope you’ll start feeling better soon!❤