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I really feel angry and frustrated when a close friend of mine, whom I consider my bestie, ignores me for months, neither calls nor messages and then suddenly messages one day… we talk once or twice and he disappears again… this act literally leaves me empty and alone… and I feel it burdensome to talk to him at that time, I feel like I am just an option and am being used… I feel hard to laugh and genuinely smile at his texts or calls because of this act of his… we have fought multiple times over this, he apologized but continue doing the same thing… I am like, I know you are busy, but u can ping a message once a week… telling me if you are alive or not… I don’t know, maybe I think of him as my bff but he doesn’t…maybe I am expecting too much… it is just that I don’t have many friends, I consider him my closest but I find myself hiding things from him and not telling my issues to him due to this nature of this- he just mocks, cracks jokes and disappears again… every time I think that this is our last talk and I won’t talk with him again but this cycle repeats… I am genuinely confused and angry

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Hey! When he’s showing you his colors believe him. If you’re as much important to him as he is to you, he wouldn’t keep disappearing on you. Start showing people how to treat you by treating yourself that way. Be confident love. You’re more than this.
And one thing, he definitely doesn’t deserve to be your best friend. Tc.


There’s a saying “ Don’t make someone your world because…for u he may be the world…but for him u r one person among his world”. He may have his own reasons…I won’t say he is bad but I would certainly say that he is not the right friend u expect him to be. So I would suggest you not to invest your feelings and time for this person and find someone who really cares and wants to be ur friend.


I had a friend like yours and I find my past self to be similar to you too in which we give them the benefits of doubt because we want to keep the friendship going. My advice is for you to ghost him back. Don’t consider him to be your friend anymore. If you can’t do it immediately, do it slowly. You feel angry for a reason. People say anger is that friend you have that tells you when you’re feeling betrayed. Good friends don’t cause your anger especially for trivial matter. If he cares about you enough, he’d be replying to you fast. After all, it’s such an easy task. If it’s difficult to him, he should be honest to you and tell you the reason why. Speaking from my experience, I got to know about my friend’s issue when she said it on her Twitter but that didn’t improve my impression on her because she is already an asshole. Other than not replying, she also pissed me off in another way and that’s after the replying issue. If you don’t find a good reason to cut him off, you will and when that happens, it’ll hurt. You really need to avoid that because you’re already angry right now. You really need to cut him off.

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Sometimes people take time away from there loved ones and friends to work on themselves. I get that your mad but give them a chance to explain. If his explanation is bad than drop him and find a new friend. I’ll be your friend <3

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