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Priyansh Garg @priyansh98

I read somewhere…
Its better to be parallel lines running close to each other rather than being intersecting lines converging rapidly as they will eventually have to diverge after they meet

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hey Priyansh, hope you’re doing well 😊

I would like to share my thoughts over this…

I think intersection is must for anything and everything. If two lines are not intersecting at any given point of time, it might mean both are following their own paths individually without CONNECTING/COMMUNICATING.
It’s good to have boundaries but mindlessly following own oath without having an ideas of other’s interest, goals, ambitions, likes, dislikes, priorities makes no sense even if they are running closely.

Having intersections and clashes (sometimes arguments) are also necessary and is a part of growth and sharing & learning.

This is what I think and believe. Feel free to counter with your thoughts :)

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Priyansh Garg @priyansh98

I totally agree with you Gagandeep. Lines is like an ideal case . Real life humans can be called curvy lines …so they do keep intersecting and that what makes life interesting… but again the point I wanted to make was that when two people fall for each other very fast they tend to break away very fast too. There is no scope for those small intersections after they have gone too far…

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