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Anonymous @finer_bubble_3

I overthink a lot, I overanalyse every little thing around me, every small behaviour. I notice everything and I hate it. It occupies my mind, I end up questioning my worth in people’s life. Constantly seeking reassurance from my boyfriend. I know he loves me, I know he’s never going to hurt me, but I always keep on questioning his love for me thereby making things difficult for both him and me. I don’t want to do that. I feel so exhausted. I just want to chill, not think so much and just go with the flow. But I don’t know how can I cope with this. I’m always in fear and scared. What if I’m not able to do anything in life? What if I turn out to be a failure? What if my boyfriend leaves me? Or what if he falls out of love with me? Idk. I hate my mind and its thoughts. I just want to shut it like a door but cannot😭

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Do lot of reading and work on yourself first. Come out of ur thoughts patterns. It will take some time but once u r there you will love everyone genuinely.


It’s easier to overthink and hard to be patient and put efforts. Nothing comes in life for good without challenges. If you really want him in your life u got try harder and show it. You owe this to yourself. You deserve a guy like this, but u gotta put efforts stay strong and protect this relationship. All the best, i hope u guys stay happy forever.


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