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I never showed others my true feelings even my family(idk if u can call them my family) because i don’t expect that they will care about them.


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Never tell your problems to anyone. 20 percent don’t care and the other 80 percent are glad you have them.

What’s bothering you?

idk my thoughts and feelings are all over the place and i dont have time to yk organize them. I just study and work a most of the time to distract myself from my problems


That is what life is, it seems like a mess and believe me thats what it is honestly, trying to make everything perfect is futile. So, feel to the fullest, but never cry over anything twice.

If you want to share any specific issues, I’m all ears, I kightw not be able to help much but, atleast I can be a good listener ☺️


Neither do i… my family wont understand… and my friends don’t have time to deal with my shit… so dont worry u are not alone in this


Bruh I lived my whole childhood not knowing what it meant to be honest with other people 'bout myself. My idea was that I could get supporting sympathy for problems I pretended I had that I’d heard others had often, ones that were actually understandable. 😊👌

I’m still working on it.


Your not alone I do not really tell my family stuff either. It is hard to someone to talk to these days who genuinely cares about you.