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I need someone…
Just for a warm hug to release my pain…
Some Person’s in my life because of whom I’ve been in bad mood, bad health… Form few days Literally even now I’m not in good state and i start writing this…
I want to be health and want to avoid person’s who hurt me behind my back they don’t know that ik what they do, talk about me, there eyes convo with each other, keeping that fake smile in front of me but bad mouthing with other’s in group… Those are my friends?
I just want to cut my friendship with them but then I doubt after getting to know them, are they really my friend?
Hope I will get out of this mess and will be happy, healthy and strong to make new friends

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Hey bro! Would u like to connéct?

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Wallflower @glitch57

We’re all here bud, let’s connect if you want.

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Òbito💫 @obito_uchiha1

I face this every day.
If u can’t act according to the world then create ur own world.
Stay alone
Cheer up kid ✌️.

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Rutuja B @aesic_r

Hey…if you need anything I’m here :)
Let’s talk about it

Letz Luvz @mintlime

Cuz toxic people from your life. Don’t give second thoughs on it.
More power to you 🙌🙌

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