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I need help. I’m a 15-year-old diabetic (type 1), I weigh 100 kg and I need to lose weight and that’s ASAP. My blood pressure has risen to 130/80. I don’t want to be at risk of heart attacks or be obese my whole life. I don’t know how to lose weight, I can’t afford a gym, I live with my parents and two siblings in a tiny flat. I can’t exercise at home. I can’t run outside because it’s a small town and I don’t want anyone to know I want to run, I just can’t go run. All I know of is walking, I can walk but then, I don’t know how to eat without binging or giving up. I have tried to eat 1200 calories, but it’s not working, I don’t want to eat more calories than that because I want to lose the weight quicker. What do I do?


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Check out YouTube videos. That should be of some help for sure :)