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I need a friend… just don’t know from where I can get… I just want to talk… and want to feel like someone cares about me … want to have a feeling that I have somepeople to whom I can share anything and everything at any time…


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I’m here buddy.
Talk to me.
Here or anywhere else I’m okay with any platform
Just don’t feel that way.


Hey I would love to be friends with you I also have wanted someone I could share everything with and trust them with it
There are also a lot of times that I feel that no one cares about me or does anything for me
It’s Always just me helping them out
I’m always there for them to talk to at any time but they are never really there for me


Want to send Good morning messages to someone? Then I am here for you :)

Anyways Jokes apart? Why are you having this urge and dont you have any friend who, you are close to?


It’s not about a gdmrng text… I always had friends… now also have many. But mostly it’s one way. As in everything of their life iam with them. I hear them give time for them… but when I have ups and downs , when I call them they behave as if not interested cut me off with some excuses never bother about what was the things…


Tried to talk with them and make them understand about what iam feeling… but they are saying it’s not intentional… talked to them many times on it. Just hear me out for sometimes… friendship are only one sided… my negative I’d that I don’t open to all my friends… only 1 or 2 iam depended… I want to be strong , but I miss that friend… when I small happiness or frustrated about work what’s to call and share it… or having a bad dream… which I can’t share
it with parents. Iam not a social person…


Yaar, in 100 friends almost 90 are like that, nothing new.
Just accept the fact. After entering professional life priorities of people change.

why don’t you drop me a message and see where we can take it too

Look you got 3new friends



Hey there bud!
Howz life treating you?


Really good actually… best parents , trying to run a company with a good working partner… just don’t have a friend to whom I can share my weakest and strongest… some one who hears… who have patience to hear what I feel…


Its okay to have no one sometimes it okay to be alone and be happy for the life have right now the right person will come your way and if not find company in your own self, thats what i am trying to do now


Got another friendd!!!


I am here too!
You can talk to me any time you want and share your feelings!
Just Don’t be sad