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i m helping my crush talk to his crush and it hurts but i m just trying to be a good friend offfffffff he knows that i like him i confessed few weeks ago and i got rejected we r still friends though i really wish i can just get over him and move on every time i try to stop talking to him i can’t keep it up for more that two days i got so depressed i m barely eating anything i just don’t know what to do even after rejection he keeps giving me confused signs like he ll act so sweetly to me and nicely giving me hope then he start talking about how scared he is from talking to his crush whom he never even talked he just likes her for her looks and the way she was 9 years ago in fucking 5th grade ik i sound bitter rn i m just super hurt and depressed
yesterday the teacher mistook us for lovers while i was comforting him as he was sad over his crush
i just wanna run away and live in the middle of the woods
- dramatic teen


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Okay listen it is hard to see someone you like, liking someone else. And you are even helping him with his whole crush thing so I gotta give you that you are a very strong person because I know anyone else would have said no because obviously it hurts. But see just like you have the right to like someone in the same way he also has the right to like someone and that person can be anyone and you know that. I say take a bit self- time , give yourself some love. Just like normal self- care don’t just make all your time go behind helping that guy.


Hats off to you for selflessly taking care about him and his feelings! I know it feels very bad (I kept crying throughout the days and my condition became so bad that we psychiatrist has to prescribe 3 sleeping pills a day), I had the same experience. I have observed the worst part for any person is to hear from your love that he or she loves someone else. I can relate to you. The devastation that this period brings in horrible…not eating food, feeling damn alone in fact sometimes we may start questioning the worth of life. I would highly recommend that you see a psychiatrist and a psychologist. This will definitely help you. I know you are sharing your feeling here because you might not have any trustworthy person to share your feelings with but in case you have a friend or either of your parents that will listen you out, please go and share with them about how you feel. And, if you feel crying, please do not shy away or think anything is wrong with crying. Cry. Everyone does it.


I have done the same thing to be exact…but i never expressed my feelings in the end the person whom i was setting up my friend with(whom i had a crush on) told him to stay alway from me and he did , that time i felt bad but i got to know what importance i had in his life…so yup i’ll suggest u start spending time with the people u love and share this with them and laugh out loud …you’ll get over this …i know u can do it…and then try and make some healthy relationship in your life and move on…