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I loved a guy more than any one in this world, there was a point i even stopped thinking about my parents and give him the first priority. I was ready to do anything for him also i told ll get converted to his religion if parents had a problem. After being to considerate and adjusting to all this problem he dumped me and got engaged to some gals his parents found.
We dated for 5 years, i mean don’t i deserving him talking to his parents atleast once? Guess what he dint. Now i wonder what was he doing with me for all those years was i just a toy for him or time pass.
I feel disgusted for letting some one use me mentally andd disgusted to let him treat me thay way.


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Heyyy girl it’s okayyy not everyone comes to our life to stay forever that’s the harsh truth of life🙃 and yess this generation is so fucked up that most of the people only wants to use and throw other peoples 🙃 you are really strong, beautiful and amazing person so leave that guy and move on from him I know it’s kinda hard as you had 5 years old relation with him but that’s all you can do… just do whatever makes you feel the happiest and talk to other people’s and yes talk to your parents the most❤️ There will be sone day when you’ll meet someone who will understand your flaws and love you unconditionally ❤️ Just wait for the right moment❤️

You’re so right about this, every girl has a special talent in themselves which they love to potray and it’s very rare that girls get motivated and they deserve a lot of love❤️, thanks @ishuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for this comment on helping a girl who needs to be strong and alert all the time, I love to support and have such kind of people like you who are motivating and positive!
I’m totally standing for women


Hehe thanks man I appreciate it ❤️ And yeahhh it’s not about just standing for women it’s standing for humanity ❤️ Not every guy is bad or not every girl is good nowadays soo yeahh its not just about womens

I feel you’re very rare, would love to have a talk without any hesitation with you


You’re a great one too brother❤️ It’s really rare to find a gem like you❤️ And yeahh if you wanna talk then we can share our snap ids

Add me up, need to share a lot of stuff and talks


Sure man gimme a second and yeahh delete your id


Done check it

Cool @ishuuuuuuuuu, I hope you got my id


Yeahhh I did add me back


I am not sure what to say but this is the reality of almost all relationships these days, Things are not the same as they were in our parent’s era when both partners used to stand up for each other during thick and thin.

But yes I want to add one more thing, we enter into this relationship when we are young and don’t have our priority decided, it’s more of catching the vibes but slowly and slowly we start seeing the world and find out the reality is totally different and hence our priority change.

Very few are lucky enough to even find someone who will stand up for all thick and thin and always choose their partner no matter what.