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I love my boyfriend a lot and he loves me a lot too. That is clearly evident from his care and actions that he does even without any expectations. It has been 2 years since relationship started. But idk we fight or argue a lot, maybe bcoz i am headstrong or stubborn, i try to act matute but end up being very negative and fight a lot. I want to control it but cant. Are normal relationships really this hard or is it just us ?
Moreover i am not able to indulge in sexual relation with him even after 2 years. He respects my “no” totally,but i myself feel bad that around us all friends are moving forward while i am still for some reason living in denial. He is my best friend and i cant imagine fun without him. But i am more like afraid of sex , of pregnancy maybe, or something else and feel shy. How can i overcome it?

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Everyone fights in a relationship. But the argument shouldn’t overpower the love you share. It shouldn’t feel like we fight more than we talk and share things. Then, there is a problem else it’s fine.
However, you both should see the reason for frequent fights. You should also work on your behavior then if that is coming between the relationship. Being stubborn doesn’t always help. It must depend on the situation to situations.

If you feel safe, comfortable around him, and can trustfully then why do you feel shy? What is making you feel less confident? Yeah, everyone doesn’t like and it’s okay. He respects your decision, it’s a good thing that he doesn’t want to force you to be intimate although he wishes but he understands your decision.
Maybe talk about this to him directly. Tell him what all comes to your mind when you think about it. Also, I guess to try to go through the sexual thing and then see what hits you that you resent it.


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