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I love him, and we are bestfriends

I’ve been talking to this guy for some time, but feeling like I’ve known him for my whole life.
He is an ordinaryguy who got everything from me without trying. Everything means the feeling I could have toward him. I don’t know, it might be a crush that would have gone soon, or the permanat love that I’m trying to deny but FRIENDSHIP. I can see my future with him and could not imagine live without hime tomorrow. But, I know everything never be working. He has his dream girl who is of corse not me. I am one thing from him his bestfriend and no more than that. I know how I feel about him but I’m denying it to protect him. BEing his Bestfriend seems to be the best way I could do to at least keep him in my life. Sometimes, you can have someone in life, but not the position you would want to.
Am I stupid to do this that I call him “bestfriend” tho I want more than that?

Post anonymously?

From my point of view I think you are stupid.
You know that he is the only person who knows you better, who make you feel happy in any of you are sad then you should say him about that feeling you have.
If you will not say today the in future it will make you feel regret that you were having opportunity but you can able to express.
It won’t effect your friendship if that person is enough mature and understands you emotionally.
It will effect your friendship if he is immature can’t have emotional

It’s my request and a suggestion that you should say him. It will make you feel better


Thank you. I’ve told him before and we are great friends to each another, but my feeling remains the same, but I hope i’ll feel better soon.


Try a prank on him.
If he says no say its for youtube.


Thank you fpr your suggession! It’s really interesting but I don’r have YT channel and he would know that if I make it up.


I understand how you feel… It’s hard telling your the person how you feel because you don’t want to ruin your friendship… I suggest try to confess only if you want to… If he doesn’t want to be friends anymore then you guys we’re never real friends… If you guys we’re real friends… He would understand how you feel and not make a big deal about it…
So I say give it a shot tell him how you feel…


Thank you for your kind suggession. I’ve alredy told him but not really cleary if i really told hime directly but I think he knows about that. However, we are great friends.