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I love a lot…I am crazy about the person whom I love…however, I expect the same from my partner. I know its not right. But when sometimes I need him, he won’t be there even if he can…He loves me, but in a different way. Actually, I am feeling lonely nowadays and I cry without any reason… I am emotionally dependent on him…But my mental health is on toll…


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Loving and being loved is not everything that is required for a strong relationship. The magnitude of love should match too. If you love him 3000 he should love you 3000 too, any less would not work.


Mmmm I know…he says he don’t know how to express, but he loves me a lot…I don’t know whether its my problem…He says, “I wll do anything to make u happy”. But in reality it happens only half of the time…but I do anything for him…

Saying and doing are two different things. Actions speaks louder than words.


I am going through the same things!! He says the exact same thing that he can do anything for my happiness but hardly does anything. I have accepted the fact that such guys do exist and i am trying to ignore that part. It feels too bad when we aren’t treated the way we deserve to be treated! I feel nothing but helpless.


Expectations from others is the worst. Never have them. I had them in the past, and all they give you, is sadness. That’s it. You know it is not right. But, that’s not enough, you need to realize it isn’t right and move on. You need to question yourself and try to understand your thoughts and take control of them. That is what has personally helped me. I can talk more about it, if you are willing to.

Also, I am building a peer support community on discord where I want to make it easy for people to connect with peers directly that can understand their pain and are willing to support them. I have found it tough to find someone to talk to, that can understand me, and if you too have faced something similar, I’d love for you to be a part of the community. https://discord.gg/z3njqA2mZX