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🙏 Gratitude Trigger Warning

I know this might me negative but whenever asks me to be grateful, I always wonder, what about the poor people, the poor girls who are ra*ed daily, kids who are kidnapped for evil purposes, the house wives who are beaten daily. I just can’t make myself to be grateful.

Post anonymously?

When we talk about being grateful, we want it to be for ourselves. For our mind and our life. What happens to them isn’t anything great and god forbid it can happen with anybody and not only poor girls go through it but anyone can.

Our gratitude doesn’t depend on someone else’s happiness but how we feel from the inside and how we perceive things. Yes, if you say why God distinguishes with those who went through this, I don’t have an answer to that but I do know everyone goes through something and has different obstacles which could in a way be worse than those mentioned above by you for someone else. You never know.


[TRIGGER WARNING] I think I am partly atheist. Google defines gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. To whom should I be thankful? [NO OFFENSE, MY PERSONAL OPINION. PLEASE DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A STRONG BELIEF IN GOD.] To the god who allows these malicious acts? To the god who created us to toy with us? To the god who we say is all mighty cannot stop these acts? Does he punishes those children brutally for their previous life? Because they possibly can’t have committed something in this life for which they are so severely punished. Whenever I think these things, I feel like everything is messed up and I think there is no way to correct these things. Maybe I should just try to be happy in the happy moments. I don’t think I can practice gratitude. I am really thankful if you read this far.

I understood there only you would be an atheist. It can’t be part or fully, it’s just being an atheist and I respect that because everyone has their right to believe or not believe in him.
Thanks, but it didn’t trigger me. I don’t think I am the right one to answer your questions because we have different beliefs and someone who is truly into God, can counter answer.

However, on the line mentioned trying to be happy. If you associate your happiness with someone else’s happiness then that’s nowhere near to God or how he does things. It’s completely you who is choosing to keep your happiness on someone else. Both things are NOT the same in my opinion.


I think you said a deep meaning sentence. Yeah maybe I should try not to associate my happiness with someone else. Maybe I can’t but I should definitely try. Because their life is not in my hands but mine most probably is. Thank you miss Tiku. I will try to keep that in my mind. Thanks :)

Yes, and you know the actual answer still trying to seek from someone else. Probably because you want them to be happy and if everyone is happy and no girl goes through these dark times you would feel better from the inside. 💜

Also, how come you know my surname? Do you know me or I know you?
Would like to know you if I don’t know you but you do. 😀


Actually the god thing really messes up my mind. I don’t know whether he exists or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t than how we, so intricately made were, you know, made and how the planets were made and what is beyond galaxies, etc.? And if he does exist then if he is so powerful and intelligent to make us then some thing should have made him too and where is he when really really bad things happen and why he made us? (most people say we were made to pray to him, isn’t that a human desire to be called a god and all mighty?) why he made us?
Phew all these thoughts fry my brain so I try to avoid these thoughts even when I really want them answered. Maybe I am trying to deteriorate everyone else’s life by asking these kind of questions. That’s why I try not to ask these kind of questions.
And the answer to your second paragraph, I was kind of hoping you would mention that😂😂 When you answered a thought of mine:


with kindness and fast. I thought who is this? 😂
So I saw your profile and then I saw testimonies and I saw you there. And I came to know about the Meet up because of you. And I know you came late in the meeting😂 You are a kind person, I hope you keep this up. And moreover the meeting was fun too. I joined it minutes after it started.
[Ps - I hoped to not to tell my identity😂 but it’s okay]

You should have these questions but not from a perspective of anger but in general questioning his abilities/existence. Everyone should be curious enough to get answers to certain questions and it’s good you have some. Just don’t let it overpower your happiness and link both.
Again, not the best person to answer these.

Through me, Woah! I don’t remember that. I still don’t know which one you are and I’ll not ask, it’s cool. Great to have you there. Yeah, I decided to join at 5 only but didn’t know it will end soon :(
Maybe we will be able to meet again next time!😀


I really thought I offended you in some way as you didn’t reply. Thank god😂 I was just looking when was your last activity as to know whether I offended you are not😂

Hehe. No no, everything is good.
Also, you can’t see my activity anywhere here.😂

I hope you are feeling better on both the thoughts you shared here. 🌼


I mean from your profile. Well let it be. I’m the one with the name Coder 7 in the top row:


Yeah maybe we might be able to meet next time!😃

I thought you were a part of Now&Me because of CODER written and I mixed Nitesh with you and thought both are the same. Just misinterpreted things, Lol.
Nice meeting you! 😄


Same here! It was nice knowing a bit about you😃