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I keep having this boy at school who teases me. I think it’s just for attention but yesterday he pointed to a barcode and was like Issy this is you bc ig someone told him abt my self harm. The other day he was like this line is as bent as issy bc I’m gay I actually found this one kinda funny but the rest of the class laughed at me so it made me feel bad. This is all just adding to the pressure of grades, and making anxiety and causing me to go into a depressive episode.
What can I do?

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Come up with retorts… he is kinda being a bully to u…
So lets see for the barcode comment… “you too man, only difference is i am priceless and u are worthless” sounds rude bt he wasnt being too polite abt it too so yeah…
And second one was so generic i can’t even come up with a retort… bt one of the most useful retorts would be
"Haha funny… uk ur jokes are so generic and simple it makes me doubt evolution… it seems u did not evolve that much✌️

thanks xD I’ll be sure to use them! Thanks again ❤️




People often joke about self harm and that’s not OK at all! I hope that things are going better at school, because you posted this on 16 jun, so I’m kinda late. But always be good to yourself! You’re loved and nothing wrong with being gay! <3.


I would suggest u ignore him completely. He will tease u for some time, but when u ignore him, he will stop teasing u. This works for me all the time, I wish it works for u too :)