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I just want to change myself from being introvert to an extrovert who’s is confident in expressing feelings and thoughts with the correct words and in an effective way.
I want to be recognized.
I don’t wanna be a common and lonely, I want to change my life.
I want to make it happen and I want it very badly.
No matter if it is my last semester with few months left, I want to see change inside me.
And I’m willing to do anything it takes.

Post anonymously?

Self confidence comes when you stop thinking about others opinion and the only thing which is important is you


Hey! I am an introvert too. I know your struggles are real and sometimes you feel like you are unloveable because a lot of people can’t understand how you feel and have no idea of what you’re thinking. I just want to tell that you should just love yourself for what you are. Don’t wish to be different or to be an extrovert. Extroverts seem to have a better life, I know: all those friends and their own way to express themselves and to be understood. But guess what? You can be yourself. Once you accept yourself, even if you are an introvert, then you’ll find a way to express your feelings and ideas. Trust me, I have been there. But the first step you have to take is to accept that you are an introvert and that’s totally okay. If you are an introvert it simply means that you’re not meant for crowds, attention and a lot of people sourrounding you, but there’s nothing wrong with. If you love and accept yourself you’ll find the right peopole that we’ll love you unconditionally.


Thank you for your support.❤️


All the best bro. I hope that you find you path and socialize a lot. But beware, cause there are people who cannot see your bright future and they being completely innocent from outside could be a snake within. Firstly you could try to interact with introvert people, then take it step by step.

Just become best at what you love to do.that will give you the confidence you need. Or becom best in anything’s that also works