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I just stumbled upon a news a 15 year old boy has been accused of Ra€ping 21 year old girl, he kept her in Mumbai hotel and exploited her BUT after investigation juvenile parents told media that they both eloped and later got caught back by families and victim family put false case on him . Surprisingly posco act is for woman only.
It’s clearly false case but still that minor has to go through all legal proceedings.
There are many points that he’s minor neither he can book hotel by himself nor he can take a adult person from Chandigarh to Mumbai by himself it’s pretty obvious everything happened with consent.
Girl filed case under peer pressure by family to save their family izzat in society by blaming everything on minor.
One mistake can ruin many lifes be patience New generation is going too fast .

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The purpose of this post is not blame any specific gender
I want new generation to realise, you have time to experience/explore life .
Make you priorities right .
They are just in fomo that everyone enjoying In relationship, going club parties etc etc
Online world is far more different than real world .
We are adapting Western culture and neglecting our from clothes to clubs drinks and bars
Now days people don’t even know why our country name is Bharat but they explored every pub in their city.
We have so much resources in our hand use it to gain knowledge instead of mindlessly scroll social media reels


Agreeing with everything that you’re saying… And this is all because of lack of knowledge and adpoting of the western culture… But Little do the so called gen z kids Know that it’s very dangerous for them …


Yes by doing all this they are ruining their mental health.


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