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I just feel like nothing I do is right. My studies are fucked, no friends, no love life currently. My mother who helped me cope with the breakup and get back good in studies also hates me now. Like her motherly feelings also do not make her forgive me, she has started feeling miserable because of me now. I just hate how I am and wanna end everything.


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I am sure your mother doesn’t hate you and I won’t diminish your feelings by saying everything will be normal again but what we can do is take one day at a time. I love and respect you as a human being and while I don’t comprehend the depth of pain you might be in I am sure your life is worth living, and celebrating


Trust me I have thought about it deeply. It isn’t worth it and yeah I don’t mean that she hates me but the situation is just extremely heartbreaking to a whole new level that I’m being unable to express in words


Totally understand you there. How difficult it can be.

Try to invest a few hours everyday into something productive like studying.

Just that can help you out there. Slowly and steadily work on yourself.


I have tried but it just feels like studies aren’t for me anymore and that isn’t an issue I’m looking fot other fields I can work in but no good luck with it yet😞. Trust me I’ve been working on myself and the things I’ve gone through since I was just a few months old you can’t even believe. I forgot to mention that part in the my thought comment only. But my parents are also separated not divorced. There is another parent and what not.it feels like all possible problems minus a few are all in my life.


Things must be tough.

What are you currently doing study wise? College?

In terms of career, just start exploring whatever interests you. Do it for a while if you like it, then go full else change.