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I just confessed to someone that I can’t be with last week. We can’t be together because of our different religions. He didn’t say he has the same feeling at first, but eventually, we become kinda like a couple with no status and he said he loves me.

But now I feel a bit insecure. I know I shouldn’t feel like this but I am.
He still in love with his first love. They didn’t end up together because his first love is still pursuing her career so she is not available. I don’t know what is her feelings towards him.
He also said that we will be together only until our graduates day which is around 6 months from now.

I know I shouldn’t dream about us together because, in fact, we can’t. I know I shouldn’t have high hopes for him to love me. I feel like I’m just a side girl for him. He said to just focus on the present, but I still feel uneasy.

He treats me nicely and I fell in deeper every day. I’m afraid I fell too deep that I can’t let him go when the times come. I want him to love me only, but I know I shouldn’t hope for it. I want to love him with ease, but this is painful for me…

Post anonymously?

If he has feelings for the other girl then why even he is dating you? Isn’t he just trying to fill the void?
You already know that you will be facing sadness at the end, then try gradually steering away. Would be very hard but you will do it. Speak to him, finalize the things. How can he say that his feelings will last only till the graduation day? What if the other girl does not like him, will he again come back to you? He is playing with his feelings too, make him realize that.
I feel bad for you yaar. There are these guys who have the potential to be with someone, love them, understand each other, yet they play with emotions. Of course, they have these skills so they find it easy. On the other hand, I am the one who has never been around humans and a deep interest has been developed for this girl with whom I could even have a proper conversation.
Sorry to bite your ears with my part, not exactly but yeah can relate to your condition.