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I have this person for such a long time and he is a seafarer (I am ang engineer).
I understand the type of his work and our long distance relationship.
Now, I want to settle down coz I think its the best for us but I don’t want to ask him first…
How am I gonna tell him? or hint him to the extent that he will ask me first?

These past few weeks, I’m bothered coz he’s on board and I heard there’s a woman in crew change. Also, we often fight.

Do I still have to wait for him or start moving on?

Post anonymously?

I think in every relationship, if you can’t share your thoughts with your partner then your relationship isn’t strong enough. I think it would be better if you asked him because it is your concern. Right? And don’t worry. If he wants to settle with you, he will. Moreover strong relationships can endure long relationship🙂 but you should share your concern. Have a nice day!


Don’t be angry check if he like another girl wear a seductive perfume and good dresses show him that he doesn’t have a choice better than u take him to Ur frnds marriage s and ask him when will I marry I he like u he would definitely ask u if he doesn’t he will not contact u muster Ur courage