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I have so many people around me yet i feel so lonely.
I think I don put effort in keeping in touch with with kith and kin.
Sometimes i find my self in miserable head space. I just donno what to do 🥺


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You know, This ‘miserable head space’ you’re talking about is the most common issue youngsters experience, We don’t express our feelings to anyone due to fear of getting judged or sometimes just because we ourselves don’t know exactly how we’re feeling, And that’s where we distance ourselves from everyone around us and start feeling anxious and lonely,
I strongly suggest you gather some courage and take a deep breath and just pour your heart out in front of a loved one (probably parents), Trust me, you’ll feel way way better than you would’ve imagined, It will require lots of strength, but it’ll be worth it!
The least we want in these critical times is to feel depressed and lonely,
Hope you find your happy space soon :)


What you say is correct, this helps i shall do it. Thank you :)

Let us know how you feel when you’ve taken this brave step
Wishing you luck :)


this thing happened to me when i realised i go my way out to help other people and when i need someone, i dont have anyone on my side and also my breakup made me realise, its better to be alone and not put effort because others will also not put.

WTH they are not reaching out to me when i am not reaching out to them, am i the only one maintaining the bond?


Thats true i feel the same


and now?