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I have never been into a relationship! Does this makes me left out.


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Anonymous β€’

Lol no


Neither me… i am 22 and half. … nice in nature but still single

I think like you but it not always how are we it is more about connect we made

Friendship is important in relationship

Anonymous β€’

Not even a bit. You might have even saved yourself from a potential toxic relationship

Anonymous β€’

Yes true, but what if I have missed from the love and care


Nah. Even I’m not in one. I had liked 2-3 from my past but they weren’t ready for one and neither was i, i guess.
Good friendships are important before any relationship.

Anonymous β€’

Lol NO. I’m 22 and I’ve never been in a relationship as well. And I don’t even feel like getting into a relationship right now. Take your time

Anonymous β€’

Yes thanks


I have never been in one and don’t feel the need. If I want to I have to put in efforts else be happy with what I have. 🌈🀝