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I have gained over 10kgs in lockdown. Do you all guys and girls also gain weight in quarantine? How was your experience. For me I have gained weight morenon my tummy . And whenever I sit my tummy rolls are visible, girls do laugh on my rolls lol


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There is nothing wrong with gaining or losing weight as long as you are healthy from within. Your body can be your worst enemy or your best friend depending on how you treat it. Too much of anything is wrong, consume all kinds of food but in normal proportions and you’re good to go.
So what they laugh, it simply means that they have nothing better to offer to this situation or to anyone in general. Ignore them.
I’m a fat person, I have tummy rolls, I have thunder thighs and I LOVE THEM! I workout 5 days a week not to loose weight or fat but to stay healthy, to keep my heart pumping, to feel good about myself not to make other people look at me.
And you know it’s ironic how they themselves may be struggling with body image issues but never leave a chance to criticize others


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Well ppl wil laugh & will hav something to say no matter wht u do or however u look…

If u thin thy wil say ur thin, don’t u eat food… If u fat thy will say how much u eat n so on…

Don’t let other ppl opinions effect ur inner peace… As long as u not falling sick its ok

Yes if u feel u hav gained too much weight, start working out little, once the lockdown situation improves thn u can go out bt until thn do little workout at home

I won’t say diet n all cos thts something I too nvr do… Ha keep a track of ur eating habits n don’t go on eating full day

Tc hav a great rest of your day


not everyone like thin girl or boys, everyone has a different type of view for observing and seeing chubby peoples. So getting nervous and adding one more problem will not help to lose your 10 kg weight which you have earned, if you are better for the thing you have with you then it is great, because EOD is your body, and you are the concerned person for the health and over all wellbeing.

Hope this clarify
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As a health and wellness coach, I can tell you …

That tummy roll is an indication for you to begin belly dancing and drum rolling!!! Hahaha. It’s fun to have different mountain heights on our bodies. Enjoy the climb!

If you don’t like them, you can always work out ;)