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I have feelings for one of my close friend and he knows about it, and he doesn’t feel the same way it’s been a year now. But i said him sometimes back that i don’t have anymore, so that we can go back to normal. Yesterday night, he kept on telling me that he will mama( mother’s brother) to my kids and more such stuff so i told him that i am not liking what he is saying then he acted confused and when I told I still have feelings he was like oh I thought you don’t. It’s ok, he said “i guess the feelings will go till the time of your marriage and there’s a lot of years for that” But then introduce me as mama to your kids.
Dude it hurts me so much, it’s been year of my feelings, how can he be so careless, I can’t stop crying, it’s fine he doesn’t feel the same but he should respect my feelings. It hurts a lot.


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It hurts you but it’s normal for him because it’s you have feelings for him. I understand that he should respect your feelings but if he doesn’t then till him directly about this. And you should also try to move on because you know that it hurts you more everytime thinking that you ain’t getting what you want.


I feel bad that inspite of knowing about my feelings he still talks about such stuff which he knows will hurt me,I don’t feel that should be normal to him, he is my friend


See more than what he does, your own expectations hurt you. Do not expect anything from him because he doesn’t feel what you feel. If he does this inspite of knowing about your feelings then maybe you should never bring this topic up again and move on slowly.
No has those rights to hurt you, girl! Stay happy and don’t let it happen to you.


I think you should ask him directly now or else its time to move on, or this game will go on and sooner or later you gonna realize he is with someone else and now you can not even blame me, since he was honest from the beginning

Hey, I know that it must hurt but looking from his pov, you told him that you’ve moved on. I clearly think that he is not interested in you otherwise he wouldn’t have said that ‘mama’ thing to you twice. You know what, you don’t deserve such a man!! Get over him girl!! Trust me you gonna find some one better than him. You don’t need an insensitive person in your life. Let him know that it really hurt you. Also if I were you I would’ve just deleted him from my contacts. There’s no point in being friends with someone you have an unrequited love for. For you to move on, you have to forget him. Indulge in something or someone else. But don’t go after him.


It’s okay bub. He just doesn’t feel that way for you. most of us have been through this but the difference in your case is that your friend actually cares about you and don’t want to ruin the friendship. Of course he knows about your feelings and what he is doing to you by avoiding the topic, Indian boys aren’t that dumb. But you have to understand he doesn’t want to embarrass you by ignoring you or blowing you off, he is actually putting in efforts to continue being friends. and you can heal, still savor your friendship. i hope your “the one” finds you soon :")


When he knows that I have feelings, what is the need of calling himself as my bro, wouldn’t it hurt? I even told to change the topic, but he continued. I have been so hurt for the heartbreak, but I never said anything then what is up with him to sat that. Can’t he understand that it will hurt to a girl who had feelings for a year