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I have been questioning my sexual orientation for a while now,and I think I’m Bi ,mainly cause of all the dreams I have been having,I also do find my same sex attractive.But I just want to find out explore this part of me.I have spoken to few of my friends about it but it wasn’t that helpful. Any ideas


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Post anonymously?

If you want we can talk??? Somewhere?


Yaa sure,


If you wanna talk. I’m here


I’m also here.

I’m in the same predicament, where I kinda mainly just find girls attractive, but i’ve been having dreams and I think i find the other sex attractive.

Keep in mind though, that you may be confusing sexual attraction with other feelings, like being impressed, or aspiration.

Always playing the devils advocate



I’m going through similar thing and my mind is always like no you’re not bi one moment and then another it says yes you’re bi. Idk it is very confusing. I can’t share this with anyone or seek advice coz ofc they’ll judge me


I wouldn’t over-think it - go with the wind - just be safe - and eventually you will know what you want / who you are