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Rahul @rahulvishwa

I have been feeling very low lately, me and my gf was gonna marry anytime soon in the coming months, we were waiting for approval of her father. It was a 4 years old relationship, we lived the best moments of our lives together, suddenly my gf who I trusted the most took the decision to marry someone else without even discussing with me.
No matter what I say she wouldn’t understand me. She wouldn’t believe anything I say. Its gonna be 2 months ever since she told me this and ever since not even for a minute I cant stop thinking about her.

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Rahul @rahulvishwa

People who you love the most, They are the only one who can hurt you the most.


There must be some reason… it’s very difficut to move on from a 4 yrs long relationship… or may be she has already given you enough chances to be loyal and respectful… or may be she was not into you and you have given her chances and now she is gone from your life…

Rahul @rahulvishwa

I don’t know whats the reason, but she has moved on and I couldn’t.
No matter what I do, This pain doesn’t go away.


The more you are invested in a relationship the more time you are gonna take to move on… just hope for the best… everything will be fine after some time

Rahul @rahulvishwa

You are right, I pray to god I heal from this as soon as possible.
Thanks for your care.

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