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I have a guy bestfriend and I have known him for 3 years now and I had a very huge crush on him for a while and I never told him that but I always felt I was special for him .
Last year he got into a relationship
To be very honest I don’t know why but when he told me about his relationship ,I was Genuinely very happy
But I always felt someday he has to know that I once had feelings for him
And I didn’t think much ( I felt it’s one life even though I don’t expect anything I felt he has to know )
And I know he is not that kind of a person who stops talking to me when things go wrong.
And one day when he was talking how bad his life is and when was talking about how good it would be if he is dead and that day I confessed him
I told him how he makes me feel special and why he is a special person for me
And from that day I feel he is hesitate to talk to me .
I honestly don’t expect anything to change between us because Iknow he is happy and even I am happy .
And now I don’t know why but the way he is reluctant to talk to me makes me feel something different
( Even now I don’t regret telling him my feelings)
But I don’t know why is this happening to me when I really don’t expect anything from him

Any suggestions please !


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You have done very great to express you’re feeling’s… Let wait what he thinks… If really think something for you he will certainly express… Don’t worry… Keep hopes high… Whatever may be the results… But love can’t be one sided if it goes well then ok… If not just simply move you will another. 😊😊😊smile please


Thank you so much!!!