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I have a friend recently she disrespected her Dad. The reason: Her dad continuously lie about everything to escape from the reality abuses her mother doesn’t even care if she’s crying. His first response is always defensive but never to calm his wife or anyone. And after that day he’s not talking to her daughter acting like it was all her fault. She even apologized next day but that man has same ego arrogance. He asks to be treated with respected while for other family members he says they’re dead for him. Now my friend’s confused if what she did was right or not. I want second opinion before talking to her.
They also tried to explain and talked to their dad about everything but that man lied again and again and even now also and now he’s blaming her daughter saying that now she’s earning so she doesn’t treat him with respect.

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I think that what your friend did was right as she stood up for her mother.

I mean, I don’t support her for disrespecting her father but she got to raise her voice when there is injustice.

I think that now, if she talks to her Father calmly and tell him why she did what she did and try to talk it out as a normal human being.
I can’t really think about what else a person can do when her own father behaves in this way. Just tell her to talk it out to her parents once.

I hope things go smooth.🌼


She has already done that!!


All he sees that this happened why how he just doesn’t give a damn about it. Talking to him is like talking to wall. He picks the most nonsense sentence and argues about it and ignores the main idea.


Even I have a toxic dad. It’s ok if we maintain a distance from our parents. Our frustration turns into disrespect. Instead, calm her down, help her to express herself out. Listen to her.


Definitely! Thanks!