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I have a friend, let’s call him A. I really love this guy (as a best friend). Even he says so. But we rarely talk… like whenever he needs to ask something or needs something he calls or messages, but not without it. Like 2-3 months pass and we don’t talk or message to each other. Whenever I feel emotional neglect or some issue, he is never there. He has good humour, but whenever I try to discuss some genuine problem of mine, he just laughs it off… he doesn’t listen to it at all…I just feel so alone… last time we didn’t talk for like 10 months and I fought with him over it and he apologised and I gave him another chance… this has repeated so many times… I feel neglected and left alone…He is in college and I am preparing for an entrance test and I know that he is busier than me but why can’t he just message me once on Whatsapp or just check if I am alive?? I feel drained many times when I talk to him and I find it weird as he is my best friend. All his talk surround around his life, his carrier, his girlfriends… he never asks anything about me… how I am or what am I doing… I feel used but I really adore our friendship… I can’t message him every time no… I also have some self-respect but I miss our friendship, our memories… I am just stuck… I only have 2-3 friends…and he was the dearest… I fought for him with the rest of my friends and was abandoned by them… one of my those friends thought that “something was going on between us” as of course a girl and a boy can’t be best friends! But I really adored him…a best friend’s neglect pains more than a boyfriend… I know it is his life… but can’t he give a little space to me?? I have forgiven him so many mistakes just for our sake and I just get loneliness and neglect in return… one time he said that I don’t have any talks to do with you as you and I are for different career lines and we can’t be friends…“have you ever seen a lawyer and engineer as friends??” was his exact line… i felt so broken after that but I forgave him later when he said sorry… when he got covid, I messaged him each day and prayed for his recovery… and now, he just even doesn’t bother to say hi to me even as he is online 24*7…
Why am I left by each friend I made?? Am I not good enough?? If yes then why there isn’t a single person in my callbook whom I can just call or message frankly and we just talk?? my parents are always so busy in their life, they hate me too because of my failures… why am I so lonely?? Why do people I trust or love always leave me?? Is it my looks or my overweightedness??
I don’t know… I would never complain… but I miss you, bro… I miss our jokes and chats…but I know that u also don’t need me now and that’s ok… many have left and now you too did it… no regrets… just be happy… I will vanish and maybe 50 years later we meet in some random place and we move past each other without recognising each other… everything has an end… this friendship too ended right here… just be happy in your life…
I was always there for you, A and you were never… my heart bleeds as I am writing this…


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Baby gurl.
I have sommin to make you laugh.
I wrote a hundred words to console you about how you’re feeling and I pressed send only for my connection to go out and my message lost 😅.
I hope you laugh real hard at this😂.
I’ll write again then…
I want to say that…
F**k that boy how dare him treat our princess like that.
If I get my hand on him imma squeeze the life outa him.
Baby gurl you are pppppppuuuuuurrrrrrrfffffeeeecccctt!
I had an issue with my friends and I lost them.
What I told my self was that what is meant to be will be.
Baby gurl get a bandage for your heart cause I don’t think anyone deserves that blood.
Pick up your crown and raise your head up high cause no one will treat you the way you want.
Be your own friend.
Be your own best friend.
Be you own love.
You need to love yourself cause if you don’t, how will you love someone else.
If you ever think you’re not loved or you got no friend gurl I got you.
I love you.
Okay ?
Just let him go.
He doesn’t deserve a queen like you.
Now stop bleeding and pick yourself up and be a boss.
And understand that I understand how you feel.
And i am very sorry that you feel this way.


Thank you so much for these words… they did put a smile on my lips and it means a lot for someone to write such a long and wonderful post… you are an excellent human being… whenever I will feel sad, I will just read this message… thanks a lot…


Any time ❤


Babe, you yourself have written the answer to your question,you don’t have any friends because you neglected everyone for him. He clearly doesn’t care for you.
Just forget about him, and make new friends


hope you and your family are doing well!
I am so sorry that you had to go through this.
going by whatever you have said…it doesn’t look like this guy resects you, I know this is harsh and I am sorry for that but that’s the truth.
I want to know why can’t engineers and lawyers be friends? there are many other things that you can talk about apart from your careers.
but ukw? it’s okay! It’s a lesson! you have learnt something from this, now next time when someone tries to behave this way with you, you know what to do.

try to understand what your worth is and what you deserve, once you understand that you will never entertain such people who do not respect you.

lots of love, light, and strength to you!✨❤️